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Welcome to the Whitstable Photographic Group web site. Our members are of all ages and abilities and we welcome new and experienced photographers to the club. Our meetings feature talks from leading photographers, practical evenings and friendly competitions judged by supportive experts. In the summer we visit different locations to take pictures together. We hold an annual exhibition and through our affiliation to the Kent County Photographic Association our members can take part in county and national events. If you want to know more, please have a look at our "Frequently Asked Questions". 
We are currently on our summer break but there are a range of activities planned, details are on our "Summer Programme" page. Regular meetings will resume on 12th September, when members will show their images created for the Summer Challenge, "Charades"; images which are inspired by book, play or film titles.

We hope you enjoy looking at our members' work in the Gallery and if you are interested in joining us please get in touch using the form on our Contact page..
WPG Members learning about still life
WPG Members learning about still life
Practical evenings are always popular at Whitstable Photographic Group. Members help each other to improve their skills and try different types of photography. As well as still life and macro photography we have held portrait nights, experimented with light painting and Cyanotype printing.

Latest News

Swale Trophy

The Swale Trophy is an annual battle between Faversham, Sittingbourne and Whitstable clubs. This year it returned to being "in person" with both prints and DPIs. Whitstable hosted the event and achieved victory! After the print round two clubs were on 140 points and one on 139, so there was all to play for in the DPI round. Scores of 20 from Mike Gould (twice), Lesley Amos and a 19.5 from Claire Gilbert gave us a very substantial lead in the DPI round, the final scores after both rounds were...

Faversham      140 + 128 = 268

Sittingbourne 139 + 132 = 271

Whitstable      140 + 147.5 = 287.5

This has been one of our best years ever for battle victory, we also won in our battles with Herne Bay and Mallling. Full results can be seen on the External Competitions page.

Beared Readling, one of Mike Gould's DPIs scoring 20 in the Swale Trophy

KCPA Diamond Jubilee Trophy

The annual DPI battle between clubs affiliated to the Kent County Photographic Association resumed this year, as an online event.

Whitstable Photographic Group came 15th out of 35 clubs, a very credible performance! Full details on the "External Competitions" page.


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