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The 2021 - 2022 has started and it's great to be actually meeting again! Our new venue, Whitstable Rugby Club, is large enough for social distancing. There is hand sanitiser just inside the door and members wear masks until seated. There is a good mix of new events and the return of some old favourites in the programme. 
Our members are of all ages and abilities and we welcome new and experienced photographers to the club; most members use digital cameras, including camera-phones, and others shoot film. Our meetings feature talks from leading photographers, practical evenings and friendly competitions judged by supportive experts. In the summer we visit different locations to take pictures together. We hold an annual exhibition and through our affiliation to the Kent County Photographic Association our members can take part in county and national events.
Membership costs £40 a year (only £20 if you are a student) and we also charge members £2 per physical meeting to cover the cost of the hall. Guests are welcome for £3.  We meet weekly on Monday evenings from September to May, at 7:15pm for a 7:30 start, at Whitstable Rugby Club, Reeves Way, Chestfield, Kent CT5 3QS.
We hope you enjoy looking at our members' work in the Gallery and if you are interested in joining us we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our group.
WPG Members learning about still life
WPG Members learning about still life
Practical evenings are always popular at Whitstable Photographic Group. Members help each other to improve their skills and try different types of photography. As well as still life and macro photography we have held portrait nights, tried light painting and Cyanotype printing.

Still Life Evening

WPG m,ember leanring about still life photography

There was a good turn-out for our Still Life tuition evening. We are fortunate to have Kirsty Ralfs ARPS QGP as a member, she provided tuition starting with a short video she had recorded, in which she explained how to compose and light a small still-life setup. Members then all tried their hand, with a great deal of sharing of ideas, props and equipment going on.


Everyone agreed it was great to be able to enjoy practical evenings again!

DPI Round 2, "Nature"

Hawthorn Berries

Round 2 of the DPI League Competition has the theme "Nature". This isn't being run to the strict rules used in some competitions, but there are a few rules you need to be aware of before submitting your entries, on or before 29th November.


Competition Date:     6th December 2021

The rules for the Nature round of the League Competition are as follows:

  1. They can include any living form of nature (animals, birds, insects, flora, fauna, fungi etc)

  2. The subjects must be portrayed in their natural environment.

  3. Images cannot include pets but can include animals photographed in a wildlife park or zoo.

  4. Images cannot include plants or flowers photographed in a domestic environment

  5. No composites are allowed. Minor tidying up of images is allowed.

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