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A page of Useful information. Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about the club and its activities. You may also download  the FAQ as a PDF, there's a link at the bottom of the page.


You can use the buttons above to see an explanation of some of the abbreviations used in the club, guidance on resizing images for this web site and for DPI competitions, how to prepare prints for competitions and Beginner's Hints and Tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Below you will find some questions people often ask about the club and its activities, along with answers!

What camera do I need?

You can use any camera that you are comfortable with. It is the image that is important not the equipment.  In practice members mainly use digital SLR and mirrorless cameras. Some also use film whilst others are very successful with their phone cameras.

Who Is the Club for?

It is for everyone who shares our passion for photography and audio-visual presentations. The purpose of the club is to help members improve and to promote photography within the community.

Why should I join the Club?

People join the club to improve their photography generally but also to meet like-minded photographers. Club membership helps us to improve by participating in competitions (and getting expert feedback), by learning from expert talks and presentations each year, by collaborating with members on field trips and theme evenings. Members are all willing to advise new members on equipment or techniques.

You will also get the opportunity to publish your best images on the Club website, at exhibitions and to contribute to inter-club and wider area competitions.

Does the club specialise in any specific genre?

Members specific interests include all genres of photography and image presentation; the club does not favour any specific area of interest. We have members who enjoy street, wildlife, landscape, still life and abstract photography, amongst other genres.

How much does it cost?  

Club membership costs £40 per year and there is a small admission fee for entrance to club meetings to cover catering and hall costs. If you are a student, membership is only £20.

I live outside the local area, can I join?

There is no residential requirement – all are welcome.

What’s a DPI?

In the Club context ‘DPI’ means a ‘Digital Photographic Image’. Details on preparing DPI for club and other competitions can be found on this website.

I like to print my pictures – does the Club encourage printing?

Absolutely. There are competitions for the printed image – and guidance on the website on how to prepare printed images for club and other competitions. Occasionally club speakers offer discounts on printing papers and materials.

I see there are Club competitions – would I need to enter these if I join?

It’s not compulsory but these are a great way to get advice on your images and to improve your skills. The competitions are fun and while they are taken seriously it is all in good humour and with respect to different skill levels.

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